Connect is not only the name of the program, it is a philosophy that our programs are designed around.  Starting as Global Sport Solutions in 2007, the company first provided sports programs and coaches to local clubs in Atlanta.  Our camps extended as far north as Philadelphia, PA and down to Boca Raton, FL.  As our sports programs started to expand into schools, we saw a need for active after-school programs as PE and recess continues to get cut in US schools.  We started managing an after-school program at the Museum School in Avondale Estates, GA as we wanted it to 'Connect' with the students and 'Connect' with the school policies and goals.  As we developed this and continued providing sports programs and connecting coaches and coaching education to sports clubs, it made sense to change the business name to CONN3CT - the three stands for the 3 areas of developing students young and old, Mind, Body, and Spirit.




Our connect sports programs runs programs for children age 3 - 14.  Our philosophy for sports is that we believe that children should not specialize with sports until middle school so we built our programs to give students a well rounded education that sets them up for any sport they choose to specialize in.  We also have a sports program for students who have selected a sport to focus on so they get an all-round athletic education.  In most sports, coaches will focus on specific techniques or moments in a game, so we want to make sure we help them in fitness, balance, coordination, technique, awareness, decision making and the cognitive side of their sport.  


These programs are offered in schools but also in the evenings and on weekends for families who want a well balanced sport education.




Our afterschool program is a full turn-key program for schools and families who need developmentally appropriate after school care.  We run programs daily for the entire school year and during school holidays.  for more information on this program please visit ConnectAfterSchool.com or click HERE








verb: connect; 3rd person present: connects; past tense: connected; past participle:connected; gerund or present participle: connecting


- bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

  synonyms:attach, join, fasten, fix, affix, couple, link, secure, hitch; More


- join together so as to provide access and communication.


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"I taught in a reading program and I connected with kids individually"


- informal

  (of a blow) hit the intended target.