CONN3CT Sports evolved to become a program that promotes late sports well-rounded education for children age 3-12.  We believe that children should receive the highest level of coaching in multiple sports that are designed to focus on skill development.  We have created a curriculum of games that look for the CONN3CTIONS in all sports, so it is easier for children to develop the decision making abilities to give them the greatest chance of success.


We believe that Sports are not just about the Physical development but are shaped around the cognitive development of each athlete.  When students learn anything new, they try to CONN3CT the new information to the knowledge they already have, to make sense of it.  


We believe that all students should be able to play multiple sports and activities at a young age, to build all-round coordination, decision making and physical skills that will give them a solid foundation to pursue high level sports and leadership programs when they go to High School.  We do this by playing games and activities with common goals and targets but in a variety of sports from Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Olympic Handball, Futsal, Volleyball, Baseball, Football to Speed Agility and Quickness training.


If you are interested in hosting a CONN3CT sports program at your school, church or community, please contact us at a.ewing@CONN3CT.US